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Thursday, November 25, 2021

Roaming and Interactive Bands for hire in London

Shaking up the world of parties, Roameo Music brings the globe’s first wirelessly amplified Interactive Bands to London and around UK

Free to go!

What is an interactive band?

An interactive roaming band — also known as a strolling band, or wandering band—is a group of musicians that leave their cables and PA behind, allowing them to perform for their audience in a completely interactive and mobile way.

Why hire an interactive band?

Wether you are organising a wedding, and event or a corporate meeting, having the maximum impact on your actions is paramount. That is the reason why interactivity is a must to get your audience or invitees engaged with the vibe. Interaction and interactive bands are the best way to create a funny vibe, get the people dancing and finally to create good memories than last longer. People use to remember more -and that is a scientific fact- when they are having fun!

Are interactive bands expensive?

Absolutely not. You can hire an interactive band for the same price you hire another kind of artist.

London calling to the interactive bands!

Are you looking for an interactive Band in London?
Well, you have just found it right here, right now. Lose yourself to dance now!

Taking all the fun on the go, Roameo Music brings the globe’s first wirelessly amplified interactive band to the scene in London and the UK

Interactive Bands in London

Interaction rules the nation

Shaking up the world of parties, Roameo Music brings the globe’s first wirelessly amplified interactive bands to the scene. Each group is fully interactive, with a complete live sound spread across any venue – whether it be a destination wedding, a corporate brand launch  or a private house party.

Which kind of Interactive Band can i hire?

Well you have many choices, but we can suggest:

  • The Roameo Roaming Jazz Band
    Spicy Jazz remakes of Pop classics. Set a slinky, interactive vibe for your next event.
  • The Roameo Roaming Players
    Designed for dance floors! Hype the party with our infamous wireless interactive band.
  • Roameo Players Lite

Ready, steady, move!

From hip-hop and funk to jazz and r’n’b, our musicians form the finest party bands for hire; charming, a little bit off-piste and fully on point.

We have the best choices for interactive Bands in London.

For the love of a good party. Everybody dance now!

Trust us, til death do us party!

Also we are available in many other locations! So far our bands usually are playing in Barcelona and London, but many more locations to come.

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Interactive Bands in London


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